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30 Sep

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27 Sep


Craig Ferguson talks about Outlander 

27 Sep

Epic Reads: Book Hangover | When the Words Stop


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20 Sep


Outlander | a fusion of celtic, 1940’s, and modern for Claire and Jamie

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14 Sep

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13 Sep

So no proper, functioning Outlander live stream? :(

10 Sep

Grow Up and Buy Your Own Damn Groceries


When people first move out, they’re completely at a loss on how to buy groceries. Sure, you know how a grocery store works in theory and you’ve used it to buy crackerjack or whatever it is kids are into these days, but you’ve never really had to fill an entire kitchen with supplies. And then do it again and again ad nauseam. So you make multiple trips because you keep forgetting things and all kinds of shit goes to rot in your fridge or on your counter. But fear not, young one, we are here for you.

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10 Sep

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07 Sep Currently obsessing over this flavor. It’s sooooo good!! #LimonPepino

Currently obsessing over this flavor. It’s sooooo good!! #LimonPepino

06 Sep

It’s nearly time 

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